Personal Health and Lifestyle Plan


In consultation your completed health and lifestyle assessment form and mindful eating journal are reviewed. These documents are emailed to you once you have booked and paid for your appointment.

By the end of the consultation we will have identified:

  • Your eating for health goals.
  • Your lifestyle, social, emotional and other barriers to changing the way that you eat.
  • The steps required to reach your goals.
  • The first one to two steps for you to take.

After the consultation, with your permission, Sallyanne will forward appropriate correspondence to your healthcare practitioner. This is a requirement for Medicare Health Plans.

Please note: At the moment Sallyanne is only seeing female clients seeking support for emotional eating habits and binge eating, body weight, lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetes and disordered eating.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Please briefly answer the questions that appear once you have selected your time and clicked on the “Book Now” button. Your answers to these questions, as well as the emailed documents, will make sure you get the most value from your consultation.

The 45-minute consult costs $250

Please note, the times above are in Sydney Australia time. To convert these times to your location please click here (link will open in a new tab).