Frequently Asked Questions

1) How is the Foundations Mindful Eating Call conducted?

The consult is conducted via Zoom, you will be sent all of the details in your confirmation and reminder emails. If for some reason, we cannot use Zoom, then I will telephone you instead.

2) What will I get out of the consult?

The consult explores your major barrier to changing the way that you eat in great depth. We will also make sure your eating for health goal is very clear and doable.

You will leave the call with a personalised strategy for changing how you eat, so you will have a clear pathway to follow, step by step.

We will discuss the most appropriate Eating for You course to support your eating for health goals, whether your goals is to lose weight, feel healthier or support a chronic disease such as diabetes or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). And if we both agree, the course will be part of your strategy.

There is no obligation to buy anything from us in the call.

3) Why do you offer the Foundations Mindful Eating Call for free?

I appreciate that you have probably tried many diets and programs and worn out your willpower trying to change your eating habits.

So, I want you to see that the Eating for You approach works and that it suits you before you buy anything from us.

I also get my best clients from these calls, as they start with a very clear understanding of their first goal and how the Eating for You approach will help them to achieve it in the shortest possible timeframe.

4) Is the Foundations Mindful Eating Call suitable if I have an eating disorder?

The Foundations Mindful Eating Call is not suitable if you have an active eating disorder, such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder, that has been diagnosed by a medical specialist and/ or psychologist.

5) What happens if I need to change my consult time?

Please email prior to your consult, with as much notice as possible, and a new appointment will be arranged.